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NEW from Dish Network & Available in Rives, Tennessee!

The Next generation of Satellite Internet is finally here, and ready to be installed in Rives, TN!
The DishNet system gives you Blazing Speeds comparable to DSL & Cable Internet, but you can get it in Rives!
People from all over Rives are no longer suffering without true High Speed Internet, and you don't have to either.
Slow Satellite Internet is a thing of the past, and the ground breaking DishNet system leads the way with a price that can't be beat in Rives, TN!

Click Here for DishNet Prices and Packages

If you've been told DISHNET is not available in Rives, TN, we can help!

HERE ARE THE FACTS! In many areas across the US, Dish has reserved DishNet sales and installations for their better Dish Authorized LOCAL Dealers. What this means is, the national call centers are not allowed to sell you DishNet service. So when they look up your address, it shows them that the service is not available in your area. The truth is, it's not available from them, but is available from Satellite Mafia Systems. This is a way that Dish Rewards it's better Authorized Dealers. They are also rewarding their Dish customers by providing them a local solution to their internet needs. Dish understands that most of their customers would prefer a local expert who truly understands their services from sales to installation, and everything in between. Not just the sales pitch that you get from the call centers. Customers prefer someone local who knows their area, speaks their language, and is is someone whom they can put a face with the voice on the phone. So if you've been told that DishNet is not available in your area by someone at a Dish call center, then you should call us to verify. If you qualify, we can get you set up with DishNet.




*Note: All product prices are subject to change based on marketing offers.

If your internet is too slow to view this site, You Need To Call Us TODAY! We have the solution!
573-388-1878 or Toll Free at 1-855-YO-MAFIA

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